Sour Bottle Organic Cocktail Mixer

  • $16.00
Bartender approved cocktails in a minute wherever you are. Crafted with top NYC bartenders, the Lemon Sour mix makes different cocktails depending on the spirit: use vodka for a Lemon Drop, whiskey for a Whiskey Sour or gin for a Tom Collins. Six organic, low calorie, margarita cocktail mixers (6 servings) and a mini cocktail shaker.
  • Six USDA certified organic, low calorie, alcohol free Lemon Sour mixers and a mini cocktail shaker.
  • Directions: pour mixallogy into a shaker and use the empty shot-pod to measure one shot of your favorite spirit and one shot of water (club soda or juice also work!) then shake and serve.
  • Recipes: make a Whiskey Sour using whiskey, a Tom Collins using gin or a Lemon Drop Martini using vodka, the possibilities are endless!