NY, NY pt 2

Aren’t you dying to change up your look this new year? 

Everything is so new this time of year. We start recovering from the holiday slump and start treating our bodies and our wardrobes the way that they deserve to be treated. Don’t stop there! You can’t varnish a Ferrari with paint from the dollar store. Today we’re going to give you three suggestions for a look-revamp that will have you waltzing around like the million dollar babe you are.

Try a new lip color.
Blush is promoting four YSL Rouge Pur Couture lip colors. These shades are a perfect complement to any outfit, but we took the liberty of suggesting a few ideas anyway. Number 1, Yves Saint Laurent’s reinvention of his original bright red lip, would look fabulous with a little black dress on date night. Number 7 is a bold fuchsia that was born out of Laurent’s desire to shake up the runway industry. This shade would look amazing paired with a navy blazer and grey jeans—make casual Friday fun Friday. Number 10 is a nude lip that you can wear when you want a little color, but you don’t want your pout to be too distracting— a great idea when you’re wearing prints. Number 72, the brick red, would look stunning paired with a leather jacket and combat boots. If you are unsure which shade would best complement your coloring, come see us. We would love to help you. 

Try a new scent. 
Scent is the sense most strongly associated with memory. If you would like to leave people with a lasting, positive impression of you, make sure that you always smell lovely. YSL Mon Paris is a beautiful perfume with notes of red berries and pear. The body of the fragrance comes from the white Datura flower. This sophisticated scent will tantalize the senses and leave people wishing that you— and your lovely scent— would linger for longer. It is available in full size for your vanity or in travel size for your pocket book— vacation to Paris, anyone?

Try contouring. 
Contouring can be intimidating if you are new to makeup. Fear not! If you come into Blush for a Makeup 101 session, you will leave with this valuable skill under your belt. Contouring makes your face look more chiseled— it’s just another way that Blush can help you to highlight your radiant beauty. The more steps that you take with your makeup, the more flawless of a look that you will be able to achieve. We suggest pairing and matching to your skin a highlighter from the YSL Touche Eclat Shimmer Stick collection and a bronzer from Jane Iredale’s So Bronze collection. That’s all for today! Au revoir, Beauties! Victoria, Blush Beauty Advisor

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